Writer's Sketchbook 12

on Thursday, January 29, 2015
    I've been waiting and waiting to finish writing Chapter 3 of Powerful just so I could post this character sketch.  As someone who doesn't consider myself a romantic, Husband of Mine always gets a good laugh at how I insist that my stories have a love interest.  For Jen, there was Prince Alan.  For Moxi, there was Taynen.  For Rose, Dahlia, and Ella, there were Phillippe, Florian, and Henrie.
    For Crown Princess Kylanore of Tykra, there was Crown Prince Luzigo of Laeto.  What can I say?  Romance is the best subplot to include in any YA novel.
    (Bonus points to anyone who can name the character in the picture that gave me the inspiration!)

Crown Prince Luzigo (Luzi) Laetore

Role In Story: Love Interest
Occupation: Crown Prince of Laeto and student at Floures Academy.
Physical Description: Hispanic in our world.  Dark, chin length hair and tan skin.  Hazel eyes.  Thin, but fit.  Has a bald patch on the left side of his head that he tries to cover with his long hair.  Age 17.
Personality: Boisterous and humorous.  Kind-hearted.
Habits/Mannerisms: Makes jokes when uncomfortable or nervous.  Feels like he always has to act confidently as the future king.
Background: Is the oldest of 3 boys (Desino and Favo).  His mother, Fynne, is dead.  His father, King Ruidad, promised Luzi the throne when he gets married. Is often mocked for his bald patch, which he claims was self inflicted the day he got his powers.  It really came from when he made fun of Desino who tried to run away from the castle and was attacked, so Luzi pushed his brother out of the way and single handedly fought off the assassin (the day he got his powers).  Only him and Desino know the truth about his burn.
Conflicts: Falls in love with Kyla the first time he lays eyes on her, and he pushes himself on her, which makes her even more uncomfortable, but he continues to defend her as she is mocked and feared at Floures. Kyla uncovers a plot against his father and his future as King, and he chooses to fight alongside her to defend his kingdom. Fear - Not being a good King.


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