Writer's Sketchbook 10

on Friday, January 2, 2015
    I've got another character to introduce!  This one was a lot more difficult to map out than Kylanore was, and will probably change a lot as the story is fleshed out.  This character is one that plays a very important role in the story, yet his role can't be singled down into one description.  And the story revolves around him as much as it revolves around Kyla.  It's complicated.  Anyway, here he is!

Prince Elion (Eli) Tykranne

Role In Story: Anti-hero?  He’s a villain, but not the main villain?
Occupation: Ex-Crown Prince on the run from the Council
Physical Description: Short blond hair, dark blue eyes, exactly like Kylanore, except male and older.  When he comes back, he's got a beard.
Personality: As a child he was active and fun, and extremely protective of Kyla.  He was confident and full of life.  When Kyla sees him again, he is obsessed with his powers and consumed by his desire to destroy the Council and fulfill his parents’ wishes. He is gaunt and his eyes are crazy.  Kyla can tell how mentally unstable he is, but she is convinced she can save him.  He is cynical and suspicious of everyone.
Habits/Mannerisms: He is fidgety and relies on his powers for every little thing.  
Background: Was raised to attack and control all four kingdoms for his parents.  His mother sent him into the wild to escape capture by the Council.  He travels between the different kingdom borders to study the different plots between the kingdoms.
Conflicts: He is mentally unstable, and overwhelmed by grief over his parents.  His powers are consuming him and causing his mind to deteriorate.  He is in hiding because the Council is still looking for him, but he wants to persuade Kyla to join in his fight.  His sole goal is to destroy the Council and separate the kingdoms forever.
Notes: Fears weakness.  His entire existence has revolved around his powers, that he is convinced that he is nothing without them.


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