Bruised and Beaten

on Thursday, January 22, 2015
    I went back to Physical Therapy today.  I'm still not doing great, but he said there is definite improvement.
    I've been dealing with this for 6 years, which is why it's taking so long to notice any improvement.  He's trying to tear through six years worth of scar tissue, not to mention the inexplicable bone growths on both of my fibulas.  For now, we're just trying to get me to the point where I can safely run on the treadmill so he can analyze what is causing the pain.
    I was feeling some pain in my left calf today, and my right leg was feeling overall exhausted.  He asked me lots of questions to judge if things are getting any better.  I'll be totally honest, I'm starting to not be optimistic about Physical Therapy solving this problem, but his reassurance that he's noticed improvement helped ease my stress a little.  I'm still not confident, but I'm feeling slightly more patient.  After asking me questions and deeming me unable to run on the treadmill still, he gave me another deep tissue massage.
    Massage is not an accurate term.  He's basically grinding my muscles with what he likes to call, "glorified butter knives".  Usually I leave with very red and sore calves, and occasionally I'll get a little bruised, but it goes away quickly.  
    This is how I left today:

    This swelling is from 30-60 minutes after I left.

    This bruising is from 2-3 hours after I left.
    Right now I can't even touch my calf without it hurting so bad I want to cry.  We'll see how I do over the next few days.  I go back on Monday.
    For now, I'm still stuck primarily on the couch, but the good news is that I've made progress with my writing.  If you're lucky, I'll post a new chapter soon!
    Thanks for bearing with me!


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