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on Monday, June 5, 2017
    This is the last month of the Blog World Tour! How sad! But, we get to end on a good note! Let's welcome H. S. Cook!

Working in a world of logic and reason, while dreaming of one filled with magic, H.S. Cook lives between her scientific research and her fantasy writings. A molecular biologist by day, she finds ways to inject the magic of her worlds into daily life, making time to write. She is currently working on an epic fantasy series: The Blood King Chronicles.
Q: What are you writing at the moment?

A: My main project is The Blood Within – a Blood King Chronicles novel. It is a high/epic fantasy following a dragon and a prince as they discover the part they will play in the battle for mankind’s survival.

Q: How are you planning publishing this book and why?

A: I am hoping to publish traditionally – self-publishing has too many limitations in the hardback/paperback market at the moment – especially in the UK. While ebooks are great, they are not my main target. There is nothing like losing yourself in a book and e-readers act to distant you from the story.

Q: Tell me something about your world not addressed directly in the book.

A: Elves and dragons are the only two immortal races of the known world, but for very different reasons. Blade and poison would take either race, but they do not die of age. The golden forest of Eihäldär will explain the fate of the elves in a later instalment. However, dragons are glossed over.Dragons are not born. They cannot reproduce. An egg forms from an area saturated in magic, and the dragon within will live until the end of time without external intervention.
Q: Do you ever get writer’s block, and do you have any tips for getting through it?

A: I have never suffered a ‘lack of ideas’ writer’s block, but I have and do experience others.

Too many ideas: I really struggle with this one. I cannot commit due to the sheer volume if ideas. This is why I have hundreds of openings and snippets that will likely never see daylight.

Stuck: moving from A to B is really hard at times and I end up stuck between plot points because nothing is happening. I have two options here – skip it, or add some drama. I usually do the former – it sorts itself on the rewrite. I only use the second method sparingly. These moments fall where a rest period is needed, so to add drama makes everyone tense again, which is carried forward, on and on.

The right words: I am a sucker for this one. In a perfect world, everything I write would be perfect. For some scenes, I just cannot find the right words. Option one – star and skip to fix in the rewrite. Option two – write some nonsense and hope for the best. Again, the rewrite will fix it.

Q: How much research do you do?

A: It depends on what is needed. I spent days researching mines for several scenes, and nearly as long again on sheep farming. I only spent an hour on tilling the land for arable farming.

When it came to map making, I ‘wasted’ a weekend, while my knowledge of swords was an evening devoted to research. When it came to royal chambers, I googled once, found little, quit and then made it up.

Q: Have you met anyone famous? If so, what were your thoughts?

A: I have met a few writers – all favourites: Darren O’Shaughnessy, Garth Nix and Eoin Colfer (twice). Felt completely star struck! They were all a little mad, but in the best way possible. Eoin Colfer talked about writing at one event while the other was a signing. Darren O’Shaughnessy pretended to strangle me! (My mum insisted I get every book of his signed… had a huge pile and he even gave me a spare autograph on top of it all. Garth Nix was talking about the Old Kingdom and discussing the heritage and history of Hadrian’s Wall which inspired him.

I have also met the crew of the Red Dwarf – now that was an evening to remember.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

By the Blood, may the Fates show mercy.

H.S. Cook
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