on Sunday, September 25, 2016
    I know, I said I was back from hiatus, but then everything in my life decided to jump in the blender and mix it up again. So this is going to be a fairly rambly post. Here goes.
    First off, I am currently working full time and I will be until mid October. We're in the middle of our busy season and one of our administrative assistants quit, so I'm currently working in the back and the other receptionist is covering my shifts full time. It'll be crazy until after our deadline and someone else is hired and trained, and I can return to my regularly scheduled working.
    I've also officially registered myself for a handful of online classes through Poynter NewsU and soon I'll be a certified editor through ACES (American Copy Editor Society)! Exciting, right? Yeah...Maybe...
    Around the same time I got that call from work, my computer stopped working. It randomly crashed on me and sat there with a blank screen instead of restarting. That was in the middle of the day Thursday, when I was preparing to blog, and I was starting my first class for my ACES certification. So, I spent the day pacing and waiting for Husband of Mine to get home. He took apart my computer and it's currently on bypass until a new part gets ordered.

It's Done

on Tuesday, September 20, 2016
    It's done. Yes, you read that right. The second draft of Powerful is finished. I wrote The End for the second time last night around 9:50 pm. Ten whole days ahead of schedule.

    I do have to apologize for my unofficial blogging hiatus as I pushed through to the end, but I was so motivated to finish that I couldn't take a break even to blog. In case you were wondering if it was worth it, I edited 4 chapters on Sunday, and 3 yesterday. I literally could not put my own book down.
    If you missed my lovely presence while I was away, you can always keep up to date on my Facebook and Twitter accounts where I posted daily updates to my progress (in addition to the word count bar on the side).
    I also shared a few quotes that I particularly loved from the chapters I was editing. Here are a few of my favorites.

Blog World Tour- Lesa McKee!

on Monday, September 5, 2016
    Welcome back to the Blog World Tour! This month's guest is one of my good friends from Scribophile, Lesa McKee!

Lesa McKee grew up at her Grandmother's knee, listening to the French folk-tales her animated Grandma Ida shared. A love of stories was born and her imagination took off!

Q: What is your favorite motivational phrase?

A: For writing it’s one I made up - "Every paragraph should hold a spark with some bursting into flames!"

Tweaking the Schedule

on Friday, September 2, 2016
    So I've been a bit busy this week. I ended up working all week instead of just the two days I normally work, so I lost a lot of my editing time. I also encountered some problems with my edits and ended up combining a couple chapters together, which is way more difficult than it sounds.
    Currently, I'm picking through the remains of a chapter where I moved the main scene to the beginning of the book, and now I'm trying to fill in space. Editing is hard. 
    Anyway, despite the challenges I faced, I did manage to get 8 chapters edited during the month of August! What a huge accomplishment! I know, there's still a lot left (16 chapters to be exact), but I have 29 days to finish and I've already edited one chapter so far this month. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish-