Writer's Sketchbook 7 & 8

on Monday, December 8, 2014
    That's right, I've got two more character sketches for you.  I should have done all these months ago (because they've all appeared in Rose multiple times), but I'm lame and lazy and my writing suffered because of my laziness.
    I'm back to rewriting.  I got like 3 chapters farther this time.  Yay.  But at least the changes are minor and shouldn't take too long to get through.
    But I'm not here to talk about rewrites.  I'm here to introduce Dahlia and Florian.  Who my readers have already met.  But not formally, because I'm lazy and tried to skip my way through my writing.  But not anymore.  
    And in case you're wondering, that flower is a Dahlia.  The snow white Dahlia.  The flower Dahlia was named after.  You're welcome.

Dahlia Germain
Role In Story: Female protagonist
Occupation: Hiding from her step-mother.  Wants to study Exercise Science to become a personal trainer.
Physical Description: Dark, curly hair.  Hair went down to her hip, but when Florian took her to Domfront he convinced her to cut it so it only goes to her chin.
Personality: Bubbly, talkative, excitable - all because she’s nervous.
Habits/Mannerisms: Bites nails when nervous, rambles a lot, especially about sports.
Background: Mother died of a heart attack, father remarried quickly because he travels in the marine nationale, was raised primarily by Florian’s mother, Madeleine.
Conflicts: Whether she is a good person or not, because Reina convinced her she can't be.  Reina is trying to kill her.
Notes: Likes stargazing and sports, Claustrophobic.

Florian Victoire
Role In Story: Male protagonist
Occupation: Member of Fusiliers Marins of the Marine Nationale based in Cherbourg, France
Physical Description: Hispanic.  Dark hair, shaved almost bald, and dark eyes.
Personality: Quiet and reserved but still friendly, opposite of Dahlia, very protective of his family and Dahlia.
Habits/Mannerisms: Nervous habit- drumming fingers
Background: Raised in a strict military home, his mother was opposite of his father.
Conflicts: Trying to save Dahlia while training for the Fusiliers Marins.
Notes: Likes stargazing and sports, fears drowning while at sea.


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