Ten Days

on Friday, December 5, 2014
    Just a quick tidbit of information-
    I had to write my very first author bio yesterday (which was totally surreal) because my very first author interview is coming out in ten days!  Keep your eyes open for it on December 15th!

    I'm really excited to share it with everyone, so of course I'll post it here once it gets published.  Anyway, I figured I'd talk about my author bio today.  Having never written one before, it was quite the challenge.  I had to try and balance professional with personal, and not having a ton of professional experience made it difficult, so I had to present myself in a way that would attract positive attention.  It was hard.
    All the advice I read in my various google searches I can compile into this simple list-
  1.) Write in the third person.
  2.) Brag, it's what you're supposed to do.
  3.) Be relatable, funny, and even a little bit quirky so people will like you.  Be yourself.
  4.) Mention relevant personal experience in place of irrelevant professional experience.
    Here's what I wrote:

As a full-fledged geek, Alyson Bowen’s love of fantasy developed at a young age due to her obsessions with Disney, superheroes, dragons, and fairies. She began reading at the age of four, and started writing as soon as she could hold a pencil. In high school, she won a writing contest and some of her poems were published in a Creative Communication anthology.
After visiting the magical land of France at the age of nine, Alyson fell in love with anything French and studied the language throughout high school and college.  It inspired her debut trilogy, the Magique Trilogy.  Each book is a retelling of a fairy tale, all set in modern day France.  The first one, Rose, will be published in 2015.
At the age of fourteen, she met Jonathan, who indulged her geekiness by carrying on entire conversations in movie and TV show quotes. They were married five years later. After a honeymoon at Walt Disney World, they moved from sunny Southern California to Utah where they attended Brigham Young University. Now they dedicate most of their free time to their hyperactive puppy, Astrid.
Find her online-
Hypergraphia- The Overwhelming Urge to Write at http://alysonbowen.blogspot.com/

    That's it for now!  Thanks for reading!


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