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on Sunday, July 27, 2014
    Well, I had a very profitable birthday last week.  I received four books as presents.  Later, we stopped by a yard sale and I bought six Mary Higgins Clark mysteries at 5 cents each.  Even later than that, I got to spend an hour inside Barnes & Noble just wandering.  The last time I was in a book store was the week before Borders closed.  The best part was the smell.  I love the smell of a bookstore.  
    When I was fifteen, I couldn't wait to get my license so that I could spend my afternoons working on homework and reading while drinking hot chocolate at the café in Borders.  By the time I got my license, it had closed and that dream seemed unobtainable.  
    Anyway, I love bookstores, and I got to wander through shelves of books for the first time in years.  Husband of mine let me pick out a book (Frankenstein), and I picked out a new notebook too!  I'm saving it for the next book in the trilogy.  Then I picked out a new bookmark, and on the next shelf over I found something that I have been looking for since December.  I found 642 Things to Write About!  I am so excited for that book.  It has so many awesome prompts in it to help fuel my writing, so keep an eye out for those prompts in future posts!

    Currently, I'm reading Paper Towns by John Green, and next I should probably finish Emma by Jane Austen since I started reading it a while ago but got caught up with other books.  Any book recommendations for the future from my readers?  Here's a closer look at my two new writing books.  I'm so excited.

    I'm so excited for my giant new stack of books to read, and for my new writing supplies and the motivation that comes with it.  Now I really want to finish Rose so I can start writing in my new notebook.  Tomorrow, I'm hoping to spend my day at work watching kids and writing the next chapter.  It should hopefully be posted by Tuesday, but no guarantees.  Thanks for reading my little update!


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