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on Monday, July 21, 2014
    Just a few quick notes to start of this post- 
  1) Thank you to Husband of Mine for my lovely new logo!  I absolutely love it and I hope you do too.  He is awesome.
  2) I apologize for the missing post last week, but I have really not been feeling well and my exhaustion has hit such a bad point.  I have been so restless, but my headaches have been so terrible that it has prevented me from doing so many things.  
  3) I apologize in advance for the lack of posts this week.  My sister is coming to visit for my birthday (hooray!) and I will be crazy busy this week.  I hope I will find some time to post, but I cannot guarantee anything.  I'm hoping even more that I'll just start to feel better and be able to return to normal.  
  4) I am getting extremely close to the halfway point of Rose, and after intense internal debating, I have decided to stop posting chapters as soon as I hit that halfway point.  I know I have a lot of readers who are here specifically for Rose, but I can't have my blog interfering with my intent to publish it.  As it is my first draft, I will keep the first half of the book on my blog, but I will not post anymore completed chapters.  This leaves only about 3 chapters left to post.  However, I will continue to post my free writes on here and maybe they'll end up in the book.
  5) After I have hit the halfway point in Rose, I am going to cut down the number of weekly posts to 2 until it is finished, simply because I don't want the blog to take away time from my personal writing.  I won't stop the blog, because I love it too much, but it will slow down temporarily.  Once Rose is finished, then I will start back with 3 posts per week and I'll begin posting chapters of the next book too.  Any guesses as to which fairy tale I'll do next?
  6) I hit 1,000 views last week and I didn't even mention it so I thought I would bring it up now.  Thank you!!!  That is so awesome! Currently we are at 1,117 views total.  You guys make me so happy!

    Anyway, I had so much fun going through my old poetry last week that I decided to share more of it.  I wish I could find my old notebook so that I could add more, but it vanished a few months ago and hasn't been seen since.  I will continue to hunt for it, but no guarantees.  

    Thank you so much for reading my blog.  The support is overwhelming.  Thank you for commenting on my posts (you know who you are), the feedback is awesome.  You guys are the best!  Thanks again!

~ Alyson


Must we always compare?

I cannot do this or this.
But she can.
I can do that and that.
But he can't.

Shouldn't it matter that I tried?
I did good for me,
Not for them.

I tried MY hardest.
I did MY best.
That should be a wonderful accomplishment.

If it is the thought that counts,
Why do we not count the thoughts?


Tall, dark, handsome, brave.
Strong, confidant, sweet, perfect.
Willing to fight a hundred men.
Ready to sweep her off her feet.
A knight in shining armor.

Small, hidden, nerdy, afraid.
Weak, shy, quiet, kind.
Willing to lend a listening ear.
Ready to give up anything for her.
The greatest friend she ever had.

One is flawless, but proud and ignorant.
One is flawed, but meek and caring.

Who would you choose?

My Heart

Something inside me
Warms when I think of you,
Freezes when I see you,
Wants to tell you how I feel,
Doesn't function when you're close,
Always knows where you are,
Feels your heart beating from a mile away,
Melts when you look at me,
Stutters when you talk to me,
Mixes all my emotions around,
Backflips when you smile,
Flies when you laugh,
Sings when you touch me,
Cries when you walk away,
Hurts when I miss you,
But never stops loving you.

You bumped me in the hallway.
My books tumbled to the ground.
My shoulder slammed into the wall.
My eyes locked with yours.
I saw the glint in your dark eyes
And I saw your intentions.
You meant to hurt me.
I saw through your mumbled apologies
As you handed my books back.
It was an act of cover-up.
You couldn’t let anyone else know the truth.
But you couldn’t hide it from me.
I’ve seen you before in the hallway.
Our eyes have met in the past.
I know your false, friendly smiles
They revealed all your dark purposes.
Now I’m back to get my revenge.
I will get you back for what you did.
I will give you what you deserve.
I will push you back.
You’ll see what it feels like.
Finally you will know.
You hurt me all those years ago
But you will hurt me no more.
What has been deprived of me all this time
Will finally be handed to me like I deserve.


The Magic Of Childhood

Once upon a time, I could play pretend.
It was okay for me to fantasize and dream.
Dressing up as Belle, I’d sit in a large library
Where books would lift my imagination to another land.
Always like Ariel, I’d want to go and explore,
Finding joys in the little things led me further.
Soon I was Cinderella, sneaking out to discover
What the rest of the world could give to me.
But as for Peter Pan, the time passed too fast,
Whether I wanted to grow up or not, I did.
I had spent too long as Rapunzel,
Waiting and wishing for someone else to come
Wake me from my dreams like Sleeping Beauty
And take me to my own real life fairy tale.
I tried to be Snow White and hide from my fate
Who wanted to cut out what I loved like a hunter.
Copying Mulan, I fought but was caught eventually,
And no longer could be something I wasn’t.
But I will never give up on Pinnochio’s search
And I will find a way to bring this all back to life.


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