Writer's Sketchbook 4

on Wednesday, June 4, 2014
    Still being contained to typing, I was not able to finish the next chapter tonight.  Instead, I started my character sketch on the next most important character in the story, Daisi De La Fontaine.  While minor, she still plays an important role in the book and I felt bad that she was excluded.  Plus, she is probably my favorite character in the book.

-fears: bugs, confrontation, being unwanted or disliked, emotional pain
-constantly perky
-always smiling & giggling
-genuinely kind
-puts others first
-fun loving
-overly friendly but not overly trusting
-outgoing and loves to meet new people
-in Vi’s mind, can get too attached to everyone she meets
-as opposite of Vi in personality and appearance as two sisters can be
-indifferent towards alcohol 
-loves to draw
-Vi is her best friend
-completely dependent on her family to the point of total compliance 
-favorite accessory is black and white polka dot purse with a big bow
-short blonde hair - it touched her shoulder and rested there - the color of the sun, but not the yellow color people usually thought of when they thought of the sun, it was the actual color the sun looked when you looked into the sky. It was the color of the stars.
-blue eyes - the color of the waves at the beach on a cloudy day 
-tiny, pink lips pushing up her pink cheeks into a smile
-nervous habit-
-shortest De La Fontaine daughter
-favorite color is yellow


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