Rose Ch. 10

on Saturday, June 28, 2014
    I know, I know.  Finally, right?  I'm sorry it took so long to write, but I wasn't sure what was going to happen in this chapter.  If there's anything I've learned as a writer, it's that I don't get to decide what happens.  Sometimes the book moves forward without me and I have to catch up to know what's going to happen.  I hope you enjoy it!

Almost forgot to include the updated French to English translations! Here you go!


Chapter 10

Phillippe was infuriated with Vi.  The date they had the night before was the worst one yet.  She had left him in the restaurant humiliated and enraged.  He had wanted so badly to be understanding and friendly, but she had purposely set out to make him as upset as possible.  He was only certain of it because she had said so to his face before leaving with Jean.
Before that, she had told him how she wanted to avoid the winery business because it was a declining market and would inevitably fail, knowing just how much the family businesses meant to him and should mean to her.  When he tried to compliment her appearance, she just laughed in his face loud enough to bring all eyes in the restaurant to his flushed face.  Later when he was struggling to strike up a conversation with her, she just sat in her chair using her portable and ignored him until he finally asked her what she was trying to do.  It was that point she brought up how rude he had been at her fête by only talking to Dai and how hypocritical he was of her.  Then, she “accidentally” spilled her drink on him and left with her actual date, Jean.  When Hubert found out, he was enraged enough to confront Stéfan, and both men proceeded to argue until long after Phillipe had fallen asleep.
Everything was getting so far out of hand.  So to avoid his father and the next inevitable confrontation, he set off early that morning after kissing his mothers cheek and avoiding his father’s office.  He was blasting rock music on his radio, fueling his anger until he hit a boiling point where he proceeded to pound his fists on his steering wheel trying to let out his pent up energy.  The only thing keeping him sane was the plans he had set in motion.  He had found the perfect place to take Rose.  The only concern he had was how far away it was and how comfortable she would be with the distance, but that was a problem he would deal with when it came up. 
When he arrived in Domfront, he meandered through le marché following the trail of scents until his frustration had hit a manageable level.  At that point he found himself outside la pâtisserie.  Carried by the sweet, sugary aroma, he went inside and bought a small bag of beignets.  Closing his eyes to set his full focus on the heavenly taste of his favorite treat, he pushed open he door and ran into someone and dropped the bag causing an explosion of powdered sugar.
Excusez-moi!  Watch where you’re...Phillippe?”
“Rose!  Je suis désolé!”  After he finished laughing he added, “Now this looks familiar.”
She laughed as well.  “Except the rolls are reversed.  I guess that door is just malchance.”
Malchance?  If it weren’t for that door, I never would’ve met you.”
Not having a response, she picked up her groceries and brushed her bangs out of her face.
“So, how have you been?”
She shrugged and turned her eyes toward La Mine with eyebrows raised.
Phillippe gave her a questioning look until Dahlia exited, her arms wrapped around a man he had never seen before.
C’est Florian, Dahlia’s unofficial beau.”
Watching their intimate interactions caused him to laugh again.  “That’s unofficial?”
Rose sighed.  “Apparently Dahlia doesn’t understand the discomfort of being the maladroit friend of the intensely romantic couple.  They have been visiting the shop every day since he came to visit last week.”  She rolled her eyes.  “You are a welcome distraction.”
“Speaking of welcome distractions, would you care to join me for a brief excursion?”
She breathed out another laugh at how formal he suddenly became before smiling and nodding to accept his offer.  “I have to stop by the shop to drop these off,” she held up the grocery bags, “get a few things, and ask permission to go out today.”
“I thought you got every Vendredi free?”  He took the grocery bags out of her arms as they walked.
Oui, but I try to tell mes tantes if I’m going to be gone for the whole day.”
“I knew they wouldn’t care if you went out of town with me for lunch that one day back in Septembre.  That’s why I made reservations for us...” He paused when Rose’s face fell.  Quoi?”
She turned her face away and slowed her pace.
“You didn’t tell them, did you?” He stated more than asked.
She shook her head, gently tossing her long hair.  Non, je ne l’ai pas.  They are very suspicious of people and I worry I would never be allowed to leave the shop again if they found out I was spending so much time with un étranger.”
“So much time?  The one day every few weeks is so much time?  They can’t really be that bad.”
“Phillippe, just wait out here and I’ll be back.”  She took the bags from him and ran inside a shop, leaving him alone outside.  Leaning against the wall, he allowed the sun to warm him.  The weather was getting colder, and even with the sun, he found himself wishing he had brought a thicker coat.
Finally Rose emerged again with a gray pea coat instead of her sweatshirt, her pink and blue scarf around her neck, and her bag slung across her body.  “I feel bad because I cut you off and you never said where you’re taking me.  Is it far away?”
“Not at all.”  He lied, knowing she might change her mind about going if she knew it was almost an hour away.  She couldn’t change her mind because he was too excited to take her.  She was going to love it.  He led her to his car where he opened the door with a grand flourish and a bow, bringing out a laugh from her smiling lips, and it seemed the tension of leaving town was gone.  At least it was gone for the next twenty minutes or so.
“Are we almost there?”  She started to tug on her earlobe, watching the exits pass by.
“Are you okay?”  He put a hand on her arm to stop the incessant tugging.
Still nervous, she nodded, but placed her hands in her lap.
“We’ll be there soon, je promis.  Why don’t you find us some music to listen to?  I don’t know what you like.”  Hoping to redirect her nervous energy, he turned on the radio.
“I don’t really listen to music.”
Quoi?  You don’t listen to music?”
“Well, other than the disques classiques that play in the shop, no.”
Disques?  Comme sur un tourne-disque?”
Oui.”  Her cheeks turned pink.
“I have a lot to teach you then.”  He started skipping through stations until he heard a song he recognized.  “This is my favorite band.”
Rose listened to the upbeat electronic music.  It was so foreign compared to what she was used to hearing.
“What do you think?”
Unintentionally, she started to bounce her foot to the beat.  She refrained from answering, but after glancing over at him she found she couldn’t hold back a smile.  She did like the music.
“The band is called Phoenix.  I have most of their music on mon portable if you want to hear more.”
She nodded, then stopped him from turning off the station when the song changed.  The soft notes of a music box floated out of the speakers, then a woman started to sing.
“This is Émilie Simon.  Do you like this?”
Oui, c’est très belle.”
“It’s called Sous les Étoiles.”  He waited until the song was over before attempting to plug in his phone again.  This time she didn’t stop him so they listened to Phoenix until they arrived at their destination.
Rose didn’t notice the time passing as she was completely captivated by the new sounds the flooded her ears, so when the car stopped and she didn’t notice, he put a hand on her shoulder again to get her attention.  That brought back the pink to her cheeks, but soon her focus was elsewhere as he escorted her to the surprise.  He couldn’t hold back a smile.  Her expressions when listening to music had been so similar to her reactions when he took her out to eat.
“Where are we?”  She was admiring the small town that somewhat resembled Domfront with its stone streets and antiqued architecture.  Most of her attention was captivated by the river that ran right throught the middle of the town.
Aux Jardins de la Mansonière.”  He held open a door for her which led to the front desk, la boutique, et le salon de thé.  Because of the seasonal schedule of Les Jardins, he had to make special arrangements for their private tour, which meant they had the entire place to themselves with the help of their very kind guide, Adelaide, an older woman who knew everything they could want to know about Les Jardins and more.
Rose loved it.  Being out in nature, she felt at home and at peace.  This place was amazing.  There were fourteen different gardens, all with specific themes.  The colors and smells were overwhelming.  Being named after a rose, her favorite by far was la roserie.  The walls of green, red, and white were as amazing as the perfume that filled them.  It felt truly magical.
When the tour concluded back à la boutique, she meandered through the small shop, admiring the painting and garden décor.  She found herself wishing she had a garden to tend to.  The thought of laboring for such a reward seemed like a wonderfully challenging task.  Her thoughts were in a completely different place until they were interrupted by a loud rumbling.
Phillippe let out a lilting laugh.  “Are you hungy?”
Her pink cheeks smiled as she nodded.  “I didn’t realize how long we’ve been here.”
“Time passes far too quickly when your mind is occupied.”  His mind was completely occupied by Rose.  “Adelaide, where is the nearest, nicest restaurant?”
L’Auberge des Peintres is very close by.  It’s one of my favorites.”  She gave him directions while Rose sampled a few of the flavors of thé et jus.  When they left, Phillippe handed Rose a gift bag.
“What is this?”
“Open it.”
Inside was a box that contained one of the items Rose had admired in the gift shop.  Les carillons de vent.”  They were small, but were etched with roses, which was why she had liked them so much.  “You didn’t have to do that for me.”
“But I wanted to.”
De rien.”
As she packed the box back up, they drove off to have lunch together.  Phillippe thought lunch was perfect.  The food was delicious, the view of the river was amazing, but most importantly the company was pleasant.  He found himself once again thinking about the differences between Rose and Violette.  Rose genuinely seemed to enjoy his company, while Vi would do almost anything to avoid it.  As they ate, he found Rose to be more social than normal.  She was spouting facts about plants faster than he could follow, which made him think of how he would describe her.  She was shy, but had such joie de vivre that it was impossible to not enjoy her company.  Vi, on the other hand, was outgoing and unafraid, but full of such dispassion for anything it was unbelievable that she had friends.  Clearing his mind of such unpleasantness, he refocused on what Rose was saying so they could enjoy their lunch. 
As they headed home, he knew he had to find something else to do with her.  He would find someplace for them to explore together.  He would also have to find more music she would enjoy.  She had lives such a sheltered life and he wanted to change that. 

As an afterthought I wondered if anyone cared about what songs they listened to on the radio.  Here's a video of Phoenix singing Entertainment, the song I decided they heard first.

    Here's a video of Sous les Étoiles by Émilie Simon.


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