Free Write #10

on Monday, May 30, 2016
    I know I was non-existent last week, but it's been a few crazy days. I'm still trying to find a job, and it's only difficult because we don't know when we'll be moving again and where we'll end up so I don't know where to apply for jobs! Life is complicated and I miss being a kid where I could write whenever and wherever I wanted. I always had inspiration and I never had blocks, mental or physical, getting in the way of my writing.
    Now, I have to fight to get any writing done. So, I'm taking today to write something a little different. Here's my prompt-

    Hushing. Falling snow muffles all sound. A fire crackles and a kettle whistles to announce that hot chocolate is ready. The silence clears my mind and for the first time in months, I can hear my own thoughts.
    Chirping. The world bursts with sudden life. Rain patters on the rooftops and waters the blooming flowers. When the clouds clear, everyone sits outside laughing and talking. 
    Splashing. At the beach or at the pool, there are always laughs and cheers. Barbecues sizzle and music dances the night away. Fireworks crackle while crickets chirp the night away.
    Crunching. Leaves blow along the sidewalk as people clutch their windbreakers tighter around them. Squeals and screams from children in costumes. The trees rustle and shadows move as the world goes to sleep again.

    A quick draft, but I can fix it up later and do something with it. What do you think?


Krisna Starr said...

Lovely snippet, Alyson. I love your description of the different sounds. Combined with the visuals, it creates a wonderful imagery of the seasons.

Heather Hayden said...

Great response to the prompt! You capture the essence of the seasons well.

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