A New Year

on Thursday, December 31, 2015
    2015 is ending on a pretty good note. I finished my first draft of Powerful, and I'm halfway through with the edits for the next draft. I'm happy with the progress I'm making on my writing.
    2016 will hopefully be a big year for me. I'm registered to attend LTUE again in February. Last year was an amazing experience. I learned so much and I have been so motivated since then. This year I'm hoping will be even better. The guest of honor is Shannon Hale! I've got to get a new picture with her, and some new signatures (maybe on my manuscript?) while I'm there. I'll probably be attending every panel she's on just because. In case you didn't notice, I'm really excited!
    Husband of Mine is going to graduate in April, and we'll head back to California after that. This semester will be a big push for both of us. While he's busy with classes and work, I'll be focusing as much as I can on my writing. 
    Since he's returning to classes next week, I'll be returning to a writing routine. The only problem is that my currently existing routine is not tailored to the demands of an editing routine. I'm also trying to focus more of my time to Scribophile so I can keep up with other writers. So here's what my new schedule looks like-

Sunday- Write a blog post to post Monday morning. Exactly the same as it was before.
Monday- Editing day, and again I scheduled in a reminder to walk the dog so I remember to take breaks and get away from the computer screen for at least a little while. Monday used to be a writing day, so I switched it to focus on editing. My goal is to get through at least 3 chapters on editing days. Also, Magic Writer runs a #ministory every Monday where she assigns a first line and in 5 tweets or less you have to tell a whole story. It's fun.
Tuesday- Tuesday is laundry day. While laundry is being washed and dried, I will be critiquing on Scribophile, exercising, and participating in #Quill's Twitter Tuesday game. Another Twitter game is the #2bitTues which is similar to #1lineWed.
Wednesday- Mostly a critting day for Scribophile, but I kept in time to walk the dog, participate in #1lineWed on Twitter, and I'm keeping Wednesday a day for blogging (posts will be shared on Thursday morning, like before). 
Thursday- Thursday will be another editing day. I scheduled in time to exercise again so I can get a break from the computer. Again, the plan is to edit at least 3 chapters. 
Friday- Friday is still going to be a "whatever still needs to get done" day. If I've gotten through my editing goals for the week, then I'm going to crit on Scribophile. If I'm caught up on Scribophile, then I'll edit Powerful. It's going to be a fish-mosh of whatever. The big thing on Friday is working on Twitter to run the #Friday5th hashtag.
Saturday- Saturday is still my day with Husband of Mine, so I have nothing scheduled.

    My big goals for 2016 are to keep up a regular exercise routine with Husband of Mine, finalize Powerful and send out queries, and to get more attention on my blog by working with other writers. I want to start doing either writer interviews of some sort, or a blog swap with some friends on Scribophile. If I do blog swaps, I want there to be a specific focus to the posts, but I haven't decided exactly what I want to do yet. 
    What are your 2016 goals?


Elise said...

The plan is looking good! Thanks for the shout out for #ministory. Sending wishes and prayers for your health, happiness and success in 2016 :)

Unknown said...

Don't worry, I took care of it for you!

Elise said...


Heather Hayden said...

I love your weekly schedule! I haven't committed mine to paper yet but I hope to do job-editing (I work for an online editing company) Mon/Wed/Fri, and spend the other four days writing/editing (and eventually promotion of my books). Wish I had as much free time as you, but I need to pay loans and stuff... Someday, though!

Kristie Suul said...

I see no slot for dr. pepper drinking with you fellow addict! I demand a time slot!

My goal is to survive LOL! Honestly, I'd love to publish this spring and then everything else just fits in where the kids allow. If I get anything done outside of taking care of the kids it'll be a miracle.

Tom Adams said...

Wow - you seem to lead a very organised life. I admire your self-discipline. I'm a fellow Scribophile, so if you want to trade blogs I'd be very happy to oblige.

Unknown said...

Wow, you are busy.
Happy New Year and good luck.
Don't forget to enjoy moments once in a while. :)

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