on Wednesday, September 9, 2015
    I'm on a roll this week. I'm busting through everything on my schedule a day early. "Why?" you may ask. Well, I'll tell you! Being on this schedule has made me crazy productive, and I'm finally channeling my hyperactive restlessness into something fairly productive. Although, I am feeling a bit like I've had too much caffeine even though I've only had one can of Dr. Pepper. I promise.
    Anyway, I'm a day ahead of my schedule so I'm trying to stay that way because I'm super excited to write the next chapter of Powerful and if I can get this blog post written, then I can take tomorrow to write. So now I'm writing this blog post a day early.

    #Quill is a group of writers working and playing together on social media. It's all about networking with other writers and having fun. Quill is made up of four genres- romance, fantasy, thriller, and sci-fi. Last week the romance team took over the Quill website and the social media accounts.
    This week the fantasy team is in charge. It started with this post, and you may recognize the author as Magic Writer (from my world building posts). There will be more posts to come as the week goes on, including author interviews. The website will rotate weekly between the four genres.
    Quill also hosts a Twitter Tuesday word game, for example,
  #wordsofunusualsize - eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious means good
  #genreswap - "The Adventures of Her Locked Home" A lonely locksmith falls in love with the women he helps. 

  #matchmaker - Edward Scissorhands and Rapunzel, he can give her a nice haircut
  #5wordloveletter - "Maybe yes, or maybe no" To Schrödinger
  #NameAnInn - Rub a Dub Pub, a place for dirty old men who want to squeeze in together for a bath and a pint.
    Quill was actually the reason I decided to make a twitter account and an author Facebook page. It's an amazing way to network with other writers, stay creative, and to learn something new. Here are links to their websitetwitter, Pinterest, and Facebook pages. Like and follow for inspiration and fun!
    ~Allie May


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