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on Wednesday, August 26, 2015
    It's been a little while since I posted, and I did warn you that I would disappear for a while during the move, but I was delayed for a bit longer than I thought because it took us a few extra days to get our wifi set up. But now that's fixed and we've unpacked (almost) everything, and I'm ready to resume a normal life. Well, normal for me.
    Husband of Mine starts school on Monday, so we're still trying to cram in as much relaxing in pajamas and Castle marathons as we can. Once school starts, though, I'm going to try really hard to work out a weekly schedule for myself so I can hopefully become more productive with both writing and organize the rest of my life. 
    I've been searching for different ways to creating a writing calendar so I can have a more visual way of seeing my goals and progress. Apparently it's not a common thing, though since I only found one I really liked. 

    I found this idea from another writing blog article talking about creating calendars to increase productivity. I really liked the picture he shared (the one I stole and placed right there) and the concept of how visual his goals were. He used this calendar to keep track of poems he wrote. I would use it to keep track of word counts and chapters. He set a weekly goal and his visual helped him stay on track. 
    Since we're still a little busy here finishing the move and preparing for school, I haven't worked out every detail yet, but I will have it ready by next week. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood*
    Since I also have to schedule in things like laundry and dog walks, I will have a weekly schedule as well as weekly goals (pictured above). That way each day of the week will have goals as well as specific time set aside to write. Hopefully giving myself certain hours to write in will give me a deadline and push me to get my work done.
    Any readers have any ideas that worked for them? I'd love to hear them!
    ~Allie May


Anonymous said...

I struggle when I plan certain things I need to do at certain times, because if something comes up and I can't do the planned thing, it throws me.

So at the moment, I have to do lists in Evernote, for each category of things I do (finance/errands/writing/housework etc) and each day I try and do one thing off each list - the most important thing. And that way, at least the important stuff gets done!

I do keep spreadsheets of how many words I've written in my novel as it's motivating to watch the total grow.

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