Writer's Sketchbook 14

on Sunday, July 5, 2015
    I know, a writer's sketchbook post! Something that actually has to do with my writing! Yay! 
    So this week I got 2 chapters done. That's right, 2. In 1 day. I'm so proud of myself. Too bad the rest of the month will be ridiculously crazy and I will be super busy. I set a goal for myself to write 3 more chapters this month so I'll have written 5 total. 
    Anyway, as I was working on chapter 9, I realized that I forgot one minor detail on my blog. I missed one character. He doesn't show up until chapter 9, but I stopped posting chapters on my blog so I didn't get to do a big intro for him. So here's my big intro for him.

Burk Lon

Role In Story: Kyla’s Earth ally
Occupation: Fencing Student Teacher at Floures
Physical Description: Dark skin, black hair, and eyes as dark as his hair.  Hair shaved close to the head like a soldier. He has a kind, round face with no stubble. He shaves every morning.  He’s older, tall, and large yet fit.  
Personality: Quiet, calm, very religious.  Takes the rules very seriously, which is why he has problems intermingling with the other kingdoms and with helping Kyla learn to use her powers.  Good with any weapon.  Takes things extremely seriously, so he doesn't understand Luzi.
Habits/Mannerisms: Very neat and orderly, almost obsessively.  He was raised to be a soldier, and it shows.
Background: No relation to the monarchy.  He has spent his entire life in training to be on the Council Guard. His family lives in Central City. His parents are dead, and he is the sole provider for his 5 sisters.
Conflicts: He doesn’t like sneaking around, lying, or breaking rules of any kind.  While teaching Kyla is not against any rules, she asked him to keep it a secret and he struggles with that dilemma.  He choses to abandon her when he gets called to the Council Guard, but when he discovers corruption in the Council, he has to choose between doing what he always believed was right and what might be right. He needs stability as a soldier so his family will be taken care of, and he doesn't know which side will provide that stability.


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