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on Wednesday, June 10, 2015
    I'm super excited to release the first images of my cheesy attempt at making maps for the Four Kingdoms and Central City. Keep in mind, these maps are still in the early stages and are subject to change as I figure more things out and finish the book. Not everything has been named yet either. Most of the cities are unnamed still (hence, "Laeto's Capital City"), the sea in Tykra is unnamed, and the mountains in Zetalon are nameless as well. I've still got a lot of work, but I'm really excited about what I've accomplished. Take a look.
    **Blue is water, so the sea and the rivers, the green arrows are forests, and the brown triangles are mountain ranges. The black line indicates the split in the kingdoms. The yellow pentagons are the castles. And I've already made an error, because Vayua's bounty should be Vayu's bounty (it's the name of the head Varnan God, and I misspelled it *hangs head in shame*). I also forgot to label Zetalon's castle.

    And now for the Central City map. This one I did to help with my visualization so as I edit chapter 7 I can hopefully write things in a better, less confusing way. 

    There's two sets of housing for the people who live and work in the actual city. Something that hasn't become important yet is Taileen, Kyla's handmaid. Her family lives in that housing and it becomes somewhat important to the story. Head Councilor Llan's family also lives there, although they also own a house just outside of the city. There are two sets of shops as well, the people who own those shops also live in the city housing. 
    In the top right corner, you can see the Varnan Gardens. Those are not really to scale. Neither are the Laetorain stables. Nothing is really to scale. I'm not that talented. In the center of the map is Floures Academy (and I labelled where Kyla's room is; on the line between Tykra and Laeto is the staircase she always uses). You can clearly see the Council Building (which is L shaped, one side is used for conference rooms and the actual courtrooms; the other side is used for offices for each of the Councilors, their assistants, and the monarchs, as well as housing for the monarchs when they are visiting). My favorite part, though, is the Athletic Fields for Floures Academy. Aya teaches Kyla archery, and they spend a lot of time out there.
    That's all for now!


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