Writer's Sketchbook 11

on Monday, January 5, 2015
    Today I'm going to work more on the outline for Powerful, and I'm going to start the new first chapter this week too.  Yay!  This is exciting. I really need to get this whole thing outlined soon.
    As I've been working on these character sketches, especially the one I'm posting today, I've clarified quite a bit of the plot.  I've figured out how to tie up about 97% of the story.  Now I just have to finish my last character sketch (maybe 2, depending on how important the other character becomes) and figure out the last 3% of the story line.
    Anyway, here's another character sketch of someone who became fairly important to the story as I wrote this sketch.

Brinlea Tykranne

Role In Story: Anti-hero?
Occupation: Cousin to the Crown Princess and student at Floures Academy.  Has no idea what to do with her life after she is done at Floures.
Physical Description: Dirty blonde hair (slightly reddish), longish, but not nearly as long as Kyla’s.  Her hair is unusually dark for a Tykran.  Just a finger’s width taller than Kyla.  Green eyes, which is also unusual for a Tykran.  
Personality: Bratty, rude, selfish.  Walks all over Kyla, loves to take things from Kyla, and frequently tells people how Kyla is unfit to be Queen.  Feels entitled to everything because she is royalty.  Refuses to do any work for her classes. Prides herself on her darker hair, green eyes, and especially the fact that she’s taller than Kyla.
Habits/Mannerisms: Scoffs all the time around Kyla.  Laughs everything off.  Says she fears the day Kyla becomes Queen.  Actually fears Eli.
Background: Extremely entitled and spoiled by her mother.  Picked on by her brother a lot, but her mother always favored her.
Conflicts: Always resented Kyla because she cannot be Queen, verbally abuses Kyla to try and tear her reputation down in the hopes that she will not be allowed to become Queen.
Notes: Becomes best friends with Ilory, the daughter of Head Councilor Llan who arrested Kyla's parents.  Kyla heavily struggles with the way Brinlea treats her, and it affects her self-esteem lends to her inability to use her powers.


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