Rose Ch. 1

on Tuesday, May 13, 2014
This is the first chapter to my new, still unnamed trilogy.  A quick intro to the trilogy: Retelling of 3 old fairy tales in modern day magical France.  Any guesses as to the first fairy tale?

Here is a link to the French to English translations I have compiled for your reading aid.


Chapter 1

She was born with tufts of white hair that faded to gold, and blue eyes that faded to grey.  Her mother, Leah, hated the hospital, so she gave birth inside their mansion estate on the largest vineyard, the one that housed the famous De La Fontaine family winery where the business had originated.  The only competition the De La Fontaine family had for the Normandy wine market was with the Chevalier family's neighboring winery.  The businesses had been fighting for more centuries than either family had record of, which was why Rose's birth pushed the heads of each family, Stéfan De La Fontaine and Hubert Chevalier, to call for a truce.  Truces had been called many times previously when the feud had brought the companies to the brink of bankruptcy, but never lasted longer than a few drunken arguments that always ended in bloodshed.
After a year of some discussion intermixed with lots of arguing, Hubert was invited to bring his wife, Audrée, and their three year old son, Phillippe, to Rose's birthday party at the winery.  Not many were in attendance, just a few very important clients of each winery, and Leah's three aunts, Fleur, Faline, and Mystie, who lived with the family. As per the Chevalier family's tradition, Phillippe presented baby Rose with a simple gold wedding band, one that had been in his family probably as long as the winery itself.  Both families agreed that the best way to unite the companies was to unite the families.  After Rose and Phillippe's wedding, they would each inherit the family's business and join them together.  Until then, they would run the wineries as usual, but hopefully with less fighting.
After Phillippe had presented Rose with the gold band and the baby had plenty of time to chew on it with her four teeth, Leah removed it and placed it on a good chain for the child to wear as a necklace until the ring fit her finger.  The few people in attendance cooed over the little girl and congratulated the confused boy on his betrothal while celebrating with a few samples of each winery's special stock.  After loosening up with more than a few drinks, Stéfan and Hubert began to relax and finally enjoy each other's company.  Leah and Audrée much preferred the boisterous laughter to the awkward and tense atmosphere the party had started with.  Everyone was finally smiling, except for the pale woman with dark hair and green eyes who seemed to grow angrier as the men laughed louder.  Fleur, Faline, and Mystie kept their eyes on her and remained close to both children.
Another half hour had passed and the clients had all left, leaving only the two families and the green eyed woman remaining.  After both fathers congratulated each other once again on the impending marriage of their children followed by another round of bellowing laughs, the green eyed woman lost control and shrieked in anger. "For years I have thrived off your petty feud and it has given me great strength.  I have felt so young again because of your endless anger, but it now appears your anger does have an end.  Apparently you grew tired while I stole the dark energy you radiated.  And now you are ready to end this? You think you can simply stop while I am still here?  I still have power and now you have forced me to use it."  She advanced toward Rose strapped into her place of honor at the front of the room and whipped out a silvery wand from her dark clothing.  The wand seemed to drip green sparks that matched the anger in her eyes.  Pointing the wand right in Rose's face, she grinned as a sort of gleeful giggle escaped her lips.
"Mallorie, arrête!"  Mystie shouted.  "You don't have to do this. Find another home, or better yet, come back home with us!"
"Tais-toi!  Do not tell me how to handle my affairs!"  Her eyes returned their previous gaze toward Rose, who smiled and tried to touch the wand, then changed her mind and stuck out her tongue to blow a raspberry at Mallorie. "Disgusting tiny creature," she spat.  "Just when you think all your problems are solved, then will you find yourself most lost.  Child, I promise you that as soon as you reach the age of marriage, you will find yourself at the mercy of a spindle.  The moment you find yourself relying on a car most, the spindle will break, causing the wheels to fail.  You will find your end in a horrific crash."
"Mallorie, you will leave at once!"  Fleur appeared next to the baby, her own wand drawn.
Faline and Mystie joined her, their wands also at the ready.
Mallorie glared, then waved a hand and vanished.
Leah ran to her child, eyes dripping sadness.  "S'il vous plaît, Fleur, Faline, et Mystie, do something!"
"We will try, chère."  Faline placed a hand on her shoulder but kept her eyes on the baby.  "Mystie, you take the lead."
The three fairies joined their wands end to end to form a triangle over Rose's head.  Mystie whispered words under her breath, then raised her voice louder.  "Young child, we bless you and protect you from the end.  When the spindle breaks, you shall find yourself asleep until Mallorie greets fatality.  Then shall her curse affect you no more."
"You can't get rid of it?"
"Non, chère.  Once a spell is cast it can only be altered in certain forms.  Once the fairy who cast the spell is dead, then their magic is dead too, allowing for full removal."  Fleur replied.
Astounded off to the side stood Hubert, Audrée, and Stéfan.  Stammering in drunken disbelief, Stéfan stumbled over to his wife.  "You--you knew about magic? It's real?"
"Oui, and very dangerous.  We have to protect our baby..."
"Leah, there is nothing more you can do.  Take Rose home and get some sleep.  In the coming days we will discuss more and come up with answers."  Faline passed the baby to her parents before turning to the Chevalier family. “You three must never speak of this to anyone who doesn't already know.  Head home.  Return in the morning and we will figure this out."
The families parted ways and in the coming days more arguments ensued as they struggled to cope with this new problem.  After a year and a half with no solutions, Leah discovered she was again pregnant.  The decision was made that Fleur, Faline, and Mystie would take Rose, and Phillippe would in the future marry the next De La Fontaine daughter.  Stéfan and Leah struggled to part with Rose, but all agreed it would be best if the truth was kept from her.
The three sisters took the girl to a small, old fashioned town named Domfront not too far from the winery in Normandy, and they opened a clothing shop, La Robe Rose, and Rose was raised in the apartment above.  Her family did not completely abandon her.  Occasionally they would visit so Rose could know her sisters, Violette and Daisi, but she was raised unaware of the stature of her family and ignorant of the fate that awaited her.  She was told that the money she earned working for her aunts was sent to her family to aid their financial problems.  The aunts loved her and doted on her as aunts do to their nieces and nephews, while the rest were told of her death.  Even the Chevalier family believed Rose was dead.  The only thing they missed was the gold band Rose continued to wear around her neck.


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