Writer's Sketchbook 13

on Saturday, April 4, 2015
    In anticipation of the next chapter that I am hoping to write soon, I figured I'd post the next character we get to meet. Now that Kyla has outed her air powers, she has been given a tutor to teach her how to use her air powers. 
    I'm hoping to start the chapter tomorrow or Monday. Since I'm in the middle of a personal project to rip all of my DVDs onto a hard drive, I'm overwhelmed with tv episodes (I have a lot of DVDs) that I'm trying to order and name. Once I'm done with that, I can focus on writing again. Hopefully I'll finish tomorrow. I've been doing this for over a week. It's starting to get tedious.
    Anyway, here's Ayala.

Ayala Varnet

Role In Story: Ally, Kyla’s first friend
Occupation: Student at Floures Academy, aspiring to be a Councilor.
Physical Description: Short and skinny, Long black hair usually pulled into a high ponytail.  Thin gray eyes.  Older than Kyla by four years.
Personality: Very positive, friendly, and happy.  Dedicated to her studies.  Usually smiling or laughing.  Super intelligent.
Habits/Mannerisms: Taps fingers when she is feeling idle, hums when she is feeling happy.  Super hard worker and extremely dedicated to her studies and her kingdom.  Loves archery, and practices it whenever she has spare time.  She teaches Kyla archery. 
Background: Extremely similar to Brinlea, except they handled things opposite ways.  Ayala accepted the fact that her cousin was going to become King which meant she had no guaranteed position, so she decided to pursue a career as a Councilor as a way to still help her kingdom.  Her experience preparing to be a Councilor helps Kyla learn about all the different kingdoms. She is the youngest of four children, she’s got one older sister, and two older brothers. Her sister is married and takes care of her two children back home, one of her brothers serves as a personal guard for her cousin, the king, and her other brother works in the church.
Conflicts: Believes she could be the sole warrior/diplomat to save her people from any threats, but in the end knows that she needs Kyla to save her people.


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