Quick Update

on Tuesday, October 28, 2014
    Once again, life is crazy busy.  I've got so many different things going on.  Between making Halloween costumes (pictures will come later this week, that is, if I can get buttons to replace the missing one on my dress and I actually have a costume to wear), writing, working, and finding a new job, my head is no longer screwed on straight.
    Halloween costumes- This year I'm getting craftier than I have before.  I've got a lot of minor alterations to make to clothes we already have, and then I have to make a duct tape prop for Husband of Mine.  It's going to be so awesome, if I survive.  As I said, my costume is missing a button, a very important button that holds part of my skirt on.  If I can't get a new one, then I don't know what I'm going to do for my costume.
    Writing- I'm halfway done with the edits to Rose.  In addition to that, I know for a fact that Rose will have 33 chapters (thanks Scrivener!), so I'm not quite halfway done like I had hoped.  It feels good to have the entire story planned out though, so writing the rest will be much easier.
    Working- My job has become incredibly hectic.  The kids are so cute, and I absolutely love them, but they don't fit in my small apartment, plus I have no toys for them.  My puppy isn't allowed over at their house either, which has created some problems, but I'm pushing through.  Puppy is finally fully vaccinated so she is allowed outside, so at some point soon, we'll be able to leash her up outside their house which will make my job easier.  I was going to do it this week, but between halloween costume crafting and the mom working from home, we're still stuck over in my non-kid-proofed apartment.

    Finding a new job- Yes, I'm looking for a new job.  I'm not making enough as a nanny, among other things, and I'm going to stop nannying as soon as I get a new job.  This has been rough because I have a puppy who can only be left alone for short periods of time, and because my work experience is so random.  I also want to work a steady schedule, you know, the same hours every day and every week rather than the sporadic hours I've been working as a nanny.  I applied to work at the front desk of a piano store, but the interview was a very strange and confusing experience, and basically I didn't get the job.  I also didn't get to finish a single sentence during that process.  Now I'm searching for some other receptionist/secretary type jobs, so if anyone knows of anything available in Provo, please tell me!
    That's it for now.  Hopefully I can survive the rest of this week!  I probably won't get to post again until after Halloween.


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