Camp NaNo: The Finale

on Thursday, August 4, 2016
    Well, it's August and July Camp NaNoWriMo is officially over. To be honest, I'm a little depressed now that it's over. I was so motivated to write, and now I'm coming off that high (and still recovering from Disneyland) and now I just feel tired. But at the same time, I'm ready to get back to Powerful so I can finish editing and get some beta readers.

    Remember, I started at 14,089 words, and I needed to end at 39,089 words to reach my goal. Anyway, here's how Camp NaNo ended-

Week 1- 

  • 6,316 words written this week
  • 20,405 total

Week 2-
  • 3,911 words written this week
  • 10,227 written for camp
  • 24,316 total

Week 3-
  • 6,068 words written this week
  • 16,295 written for camp
  • 30,384 total

Week 4-
  • 7,536 words written this week
  • 23,831 written for camp
  • 37,920 total

  • 2,483 words written in the last three days
  • 26,314 written for camp!
  • 40,299 total!

    YAY!!!! I DID IT!!!! I wrote 26,179 words in 29 days! And I broke the 40k mark on my first draft of A Fairy's Tale! That's a lot of writing accomplishments for one month!
    I think I'm going to set some editing goals for Powerful for August so I can get motivate myself to finish in a reasonable amount of time. 
    What about you? Do you set yourself writing goals to keep yourself on track?


Elise said...

Yay congrats, you did great :)

Heather Hayden said...

You're amazing, Allie! Great job! :)

I try to set and keep writing goals as well, as they're great for motivation.

Kristie Suul said...

Congrats on your goal! I'm also feeling that sort of "sad that camp's over because . . ."

I was hoping to maintain at least half the pace I had going for camp and not even through the first week of this month and I'm already dragging. Someday I haven't written anything, some I've only written a hundred words or so.

Part of it is I can feel everyone else's post Camp crash. I don't know if that makes sense, but I feel like I'm making an effort to go out for a job and everyone's passed out on the couch and that looks so much more enjoyable that I join.

It's hard to stay moving when everyone else is just as worn out.

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