Writer's Sketchbook 5 & 6

on Sunday, December 7, 2014
    This sketchbook will be different than the ones I did for Rose. Now that I have Scrivener, there's actually a character sheet for me to fill out.  I used it with Rose so all my information would be in one place (because if I have to switch my screen it's very easy for me to get distracted by things like Facebook and Pinterest), but I originally just copied and pasted my character sketches into the page.  It was very unorganized.  Now that I'm starting fresh with new writing in Scrivener, I decided to use the Scrivener template for my character sketches.  
    Today I'm going to post two character sketches because I'm really excited about it.  I spent all week working on these sketches because they are really important for the next chapter of Rose, and I felt really uncomfortable moving forward until I had all this information figured out.  Now it's figured out, and I'm super excited to present to you Ella and Henrie for the next installment of the Magique Trilogy.

Gabrielle Tremaine
Nickname: Ella
Role In Story: Female protagonist
Occupation: Works as a servant for her stepfamily.  Wants to go to school to become a doctor or a psychologist, but hasn't decided which because she doesn't think it'll ever happen.
Physical Description: Blonde shoulder length, bright blue eyes, usually has her mother’s glass necklace with her (engraved with an iris).
Personality: Calm, quiet, secretly mischievous and snide
Habits/Mannerisms: Makes quiet, snide remarks to herself, and plays pranks on her stepfamily.  Nervous Habit- plays with hair and necklace.
Background: Mother died of cancer when she was 6, father inherited a bank and travels constantly, so Ella was mostly raised by her stepmother and stepsisters who are jealous of how her father spends all of his free time with her.
Conflicts: Can't decide whether to stay with her step family or run away, gets into trouble whenever she pulls a prank to get back at her step family.
Notes: Fears- As a child, Ella was terrified of bugs and mice. She’s afraid of being alone and leaving her stepfamily would mean living on her own.

Henrie Charmont
Role In Story: Male protagonist
Occupation: Not trying to find a job, just trying to overcome his new disability.
Physical Description: Blondish-brownish hair, dark blue eyes.
Personality: Sarcastic, bitter, rude, and adventurous.
Habits/Mannerisms: Thinks cleaning is therapeutic, uses a brace to walk on his left leg after injury in car crash, Nervous habit- limps more
Background: Raised in Le Pecq, his parents never married.  Mother died in a car accident when he was 19 (he was driving), his lumbar and sacral nerves suffered minor injuries and he has to use a brace to walk.  His mother worked in a restaurant so she couldn't afford to send him to college, his father is fairly wealthy.  His father  is Minister of the Economy, Finances, and Industry in Paris.  He never met his father but had to live with him because of his limp.
Conflicts: Doesn't understand why his parents didn't stay together, but he blames his father because his mother was his best friend.  His presence brings up a lot of scandal inquiries for his father who is high up in the government.
Notes: Ella catches his eye because she makes a sarcastic remark under her breath and he overhears it.  He takes Ella to do lots of crazy things- go kart racing, archery, paintball, dancing, hiking, etc.  He does this to prove that he isn’t crippled.  Hates authority figures, struggles with minor PTSD from the car crash (comes up when he takes Ella go kart racing).


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