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on Saturday, August 30, 2014
    I know I said I was going to write that double perspective short story, but I encountered one minor problem.  If you can count brainstorming another story idea as a problem.  
    As a writer, you'd think getting new ideas would be the greatest thing ever.  The problem with getting ideas is that you have to write down everything you can think of for the story as soon as possible, otherwise you'll forget.  And if you're like me and you forget an idea, it will probably haunt you until you die.  I've been busy and preoccupied, hence why I haven't been able to address the double perspective prompt yet.
    The other problem with getting a new idea, is that I haven't finished my old ideas yet.  I still have two and a half books left to write from my old idea, but now I want to get this new idea written too.  Oh, the chaos in my brain right now, but that's not what this blog post is about.
    In my little bit of time on Scribophile, I have read and critiqued the work of an author whose writing I have fallen in love with.  The author's name is H. L. Burke.  She has 6 books published on Amazon, and her 7th one will be released September 19th.  I helped critique one of her works, Beggar Magic, which will be available by the beginning of 2015.  Her writing is very clean and easily read.  It's meant for anyone like 10 and up.  Her ideas are brilliant, and I can't wait to read more of her work.  The series I'm dying to read is called The Dragon and the Scholar, and the first book is Dragon's Curse.

    "On her first assignment out of the Academy, young healer and scholar, Shannon Macaulay is summoned to the struggling kingdom of Regone to see to the wounds of a young but crippled king. When the unwanted attentions of an aggressive knight and the sudden appearance of a hated dragon turn her world upside down, she decides to take matters into her own hands even if doing so proves dangerous. Finding herself strangely drawn to the company of the dragon, Gnaw, Shannon must force herself out of her safe world of books and botany to come to the aid of her unexpected ally in a strange kingdom, cursed by a fateful encounter with a dragon and the loss of a beloved prince. Can she learn to put aside her fears, and perhaps sacrifice her deepest desires, to help a friend and restore a family?"
    She is a self-published author without a lot of advertising opportunities, so I thought I'd share her work for anyone interested in Dragons, Fantasy, and Romance.  Her writing is awesome.  Here's a link to her books on Amazon, where the kindle downloads are free.  I, personally, prefer having the actual copy of the book in my hands, and both options are available here at this link.
    That's all for now, hopefully I'll have more to post soon!


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